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Our curriculum is designed to stimulate the developmental growth of children physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.  Our teachers plan fun, exciting, and creative activities that encourage each child to develop to their fullest potential.  This is done in both large and small group activities.  Below are some of the activities children experience during their day here: 

Circle Time

Circle time is a group learning experience where teachers will present academic themes through conversation, stories, songs, and hands on learning opportunities.  Children will actively participate during this time as we present letter recognition and sounds, weather and season awareness, calendar skills, months of the year, and math concepts.

Center Play

Children will play with friends in classroom centers such as Home Living and Dramatic Play; Books and Literacy; Manipulatives; Puzzles & Games; Computer; and Blocks & Building.  This time will provide opportunities for development of social skills, reading readiness skills, and fine motor development, as well as strengthen math concepts.


Daily art activities promote creative expression, imagination, and fine motor skill development.  We will use a wide variety of materials with various textures while we encourage the child to be involved in the process of creating art.

Recess Time

Children will have fun playing on the playground or in the gym with friends each day.  This time provides physical activity, gross motor skill development, social interaction, and an outlet for release of feelings.


Our preschool offers a separate weekly music and movement class for all students.  This class is designed to encourage expression and creativity while learning about music concepts.  The children sing, play instruments, move, improvise and create within the world of music. The children also participate in special musical programs for the parents during the school year. Fine and gross motor skills are reinforced by incorporating scarves, hoops, rhythm sticks, instruments, bean bags, a parachute and other equipment into the class.

Christian Curriculum

The children visit the sanctuary for a special time led by one of the ministers or program directors of the church each month. This time includes religious stories, illustrations and songs presented on a young child’s level.  Inside the classroom, teachers will facilitate a bible story each week and share God’s love through daily interactions.

Lunch Bunch

Most days our time is extended until 1:00 pm for lunch with additional playtime.  This is an optional service to children enrolled in our school.  Lunch Bunch is supervised by the Preschool staff.  Tickets for lunch are $5.00 and purchased in advance.  Parents send a lunch and a drink for their child.